My Life as a Fashion Student.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Today's Outfit #07

Hi Guys, so for those of you that do look on my instagram pages you would of seen that I've started uploading more outfit photos, I do plan on doing more posts about them but most of the time I take the photos neare the end of the day so it takes a few days for me to get round to blogging about them.
This outfit was from Saturday, I had been wearing the jeans all day at work but Alex took me out for dinner in the evening so i just changed my top and shoes to dress them up a bit.

And here we are... I had a bit of a spend up with some Bluewater vouchers I got for my birthday, these jeans were one of several items I got. I also splurged out and got Candy Yum Yum!! So excited, I've wanted this forever !!!
Anyways on to the outfit... Top: Zara, Belt: My Mum's, Jeans: Topshop  //NEW// , Shoes: Asos //NEW//
These shoes are so amazing, my lovely frriends got them for me and I am just in love with them so so much. Shoes have definately become a bit of an addiction so I may do a post soon about recent shoe purchases. I also realise I still haven't blogged about the May GlossyBox and my June one has came through so that will be going up in the next few days I promise.

Until tomorrow (fingers crossed)