My Life as a Fashion Student.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Today's Outfit #08

Hey Guys, this outfit was from Monday when Alex and I went up to Silverstone for the day so he could do his driving experience. It was a good day but obviously we spent a long time in the car getting there and back and the weather wasn't very good considering it's June! Choosing something comfty I opted for a jumper/sweatshirt dress and plimsols. I did wear some dnim shorts underneath just to feel a bit more comfortable. This was just a casual day outfit, perfect for travelling and doing a bit of walking.
Dress: H&M (bluewater store) //NEW//, Plimsols: Topshop, Bow Socks: Dorothy Perkins.

A pretty basic outfit but I hope you like it. I felt a bit like a cheerleader in the dress but it really was so comfty and the material isn't that thick so it is perfect for those british summer days.