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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Ascot on a Budget.

Hey Guys. It's been about two weeks since my last blog... oops. Uni has been so hectic recently with the deadline that I have literally had no time to blog but I am now all handed in as of thursday and am now offically on my summer holiday (YAYYYY!!!). I'm only two days in really and I'm already feeling a bit lost with not alot really to do but because of this I will be directing my attention mostly to my blog and getting into a rhythum of posting every few days. Due to my abscense I have decided to do a post a day for the next seven days. I've had a list of posts to do for ages now so am going to work my way through them and hopefully you'll enjoy them.

Anyway with that little ramble over I decided to make this post about Ascot. My 21st birthday is coming up so I decided this year that to celebrate with my family we are going to have a day at the races. I'm so excited and can't wait to go but there is one issue... getting a dress, and to add to this I'm on a bit of a budget so searching for a dress has been very difficult. I've looked at so many but choosing one that's appropriate for ascot has been hard. I've narrowed down to a few but thought I'd share some of the ideas I've had for outfits with you... why not.

 So here are the chosen few. I'm not sure why but they are mostly block colour all bar one even though I love print. Starting from left to right:
  1. The Darinka Short Sleeve Bardot Midi Dress in Mint from Missguided, £14.99 I love this dress mainly for the colour as it just looks fresh and summery, I also love the off-the-shoulder shape and am yet to buy something with this detailing to it. It just seems really flattering and having the tops of the arms covered makes them look slimmer. It is in a jersey, bodycon material so I'm not sure if it's quite dressy enough for Ascot but at this price I might just buy it anyway for over the summer or for a holiday.
  2. The Petite Bodycon Dress in Tattoo Print from ASOS, £35. The print on this dress is so different, from a distance it does look like a blue/purple floral pattern but up close you see the detailed tattoo/oriental style print. I'm also loving white this summer and think it sets the dress off nicely. I'm not completely sold on whether it is Ascot but I love it and it's nice to wear something a bit different from what the masses will be wearing.
  3. The Lime Thigh Split Open Back Maxi Dress from River Island, £45. This dress is a bit more expensive but it's amazing. The bright lime colour just takes my breath away. I like the split detailing to the dress, also because hopefully it'll be hot mid june so having these would make the dress more comfortable to wear. The back is open with a crossing detail but this is in black which I find a bit strange but I can ignore that (it's on the back so I won't be able to see it anyway).
  4. The Bubble Lace Skater Dress in Bright Blue from Topshop, £40. the more I look at this dress I don't think it will be suitable for the occasion mainly because it is a bit short but the cobalt colour is stunning and really summery. I'm also really liking the fitted long sleeves to it even though it is summer or meant to be, it just makes it a bit different from your average skater dress. The lace overlay sets the dress off nicely adding just a hint of detail to make it a bit more exciting.
  5. The Midi Dress in Lace with Wrap Back in Cream from ASOS, £38. This dress has such a vintage feel to it I just love it. It seems like it would be flattering with the elasticated waist and comfortable to wear. I think it's the mixture of cream lace, with the free flowing skirt and the 3/4 sleeves that together give it that vintage feel. The slightly open back makes the design of the dress that bit more special and worth the money.
Well I hope you've enjoyed the post and let me know what you think of the dresses. Remember to check back as there will be posts everyday for the next 7 days including a tanning post and also my latest uni group collection for Reiss.

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