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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Reiss Group Collection.

This post is based on my most recent project at uni, it was a collaboration between design and textiles to create a collection for S/S 14 for Reiss so I thought I'd share it with you.
From initial research we came up with a general mood board and developed a muse: a florist from Hampstead who is modern, feminine and arty, and likes clean cut clothing to go from day to night.
We titled our collection to come 'La Femme De La Fleur'.
Going from here we then came up with a colour palette based on our imagery, two silhouette boards: daywear and evening wear and a print board. Rolling with our florist muse the textiles group developed their prints based on pressed flowers and organic shapes.

Once the boards were completed we could move on to designing and focusing more on our individual work. Coming together after the designing period we chose a final line up of 9 outfits, once this was selected we came up with illustrations and technical drawings. I'm not the strongest at these but I do try and it can be quite fun to just draw.



My Garments:

So yeah, that's it. Our show was last night and there really were some amazing collection that look like they've came straight from the store. Below is just a few of my favourites from the other collections, everyone did such an amazing job but I am so glad that it is over.


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