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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Constellation Nails by MUA

Hey Guys, so in my Superdug Haul post one of the things I bought was the MUA Nail Constellation and I finally got round to using it and wanted to let you know what I thought about it.
The final outcome is pretty cool but I have to admit it was a bit of a hassle hence why I only used it on five of my nails. So I'm just going to talk you through how I achieved this style and how it's holding up on my nails the day after.
To start I had to file my nails as one of them had snapped and it just wasn't a good look. I don't use fake nails and these are my natural ones which I file into a point, I've been doing this since about November as I thought I'd give it a go not imagining it would turn out that well on natural nails but as my nails grow really quickly it actually looked really good and now I can't go back to square or rounded nails. I should of used a base coat but have no idea where mine has disappeared to. So using a Barry M polish in a lilac colour ( it's actually called Berry and is shade 308) I painted one nail at a time that I wanted to use the nail art on.
Step 1: Prepare the constellation nail art by taking the cap off and removing the film on the bottle opening.
Step 2: Apply one fairly thick coat of nail varnish. In the little label that comes with the MUA bottle it says to use MUA polish but this it not necessary, paint them any colour you like as long as it can be put on quite genously in one coat.
Step 3: Make sure you have a small tub or a sheet of paper on a flat surface under your hand and begin to pour the small beads onto your nail. There will be alot which dont stick and will fall onto the paper. It does take a while to cover the nail entirely, if the varnish dries before youve finished very carefully add more to the nail but make sure you dont cover the beads as it ruins the look. You can gently press your nail but I found its best to use one of your actual nails to do this as using your fingertip tends to stick to some of the beads.
Step 4: Do all the nails you want to cover first and allow them to dry and then go back and paint the others with two coats of whatever you're using. Then make sure you use a top coat to secure the nail art in place.

This is not something that can be done in a hurry!

So it's now the day after and one hand still looks really good but on the other some of the beads have fallen off and I caught my thumb on something when I was at the gym last night so I need to go back and redo the top of it. I do like the overal look of my nail but they do take ages to set so if your going to give them a go, do it in the evening when your not planning on doing anything as you need to use your hands as little as possible to make sure the balls dry securely onto your nail.

Hope you've enjoyed the post and I have inspired you to go and do something funky to your nails.


  1. Your nails look amazing, I love your blog, I'm definitely a new follower :)

  2. I had such an issue with these! They stayed on forever (well the majority of them) but I had to add 2 topcoats, and then the colour of the beads seem to have faded :(

    1. It is tricky and the little beads went everywhere. I have to admit I haven't used it on my nails since but it does look cute x