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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Superdrug Haul.

So I was looking at my makeup collection when I was getting ready this morning and realised its been ages since i've tried something new or treated myself to makeup in general. Most of my spare money goes on clothes and most days I walk around looking like a Topshop mascot, I love basically everything topshop and usually get a bit carried away. Anyway... so i decided to have a little look around Superdrug and see what was on offer and I ended up spending a fair bit but got a few things I needed as well as a few treats.

When I walked in I saw there was a new make up brand since the last time I was in there called B. I've not heard of it before but the products looked good, mainly foundations and lipstick/gloss/pens, I didnt buy anything from there just because there were so many offers on the other brands and it was a bit more than I was looking to spend.

Strolling up the isle I saw Collection had a deal that if you spent more than £4.99 you got a free eyeliner felt tip pen so I picked one up in black, I love having winged eyeliner on but I am so rubbish at doing it so hopefully this will help. I also got some liquid eyeliner also in black, normally I go for the Barry M one but as it was on offer thought I'd save the pennies and try a new one. Sticking with the eye makeup I picked up a shadow palette with three colours, purple, lilac and a shimmery grey/blueish colour mainly because I used to love wearing purple on my eyes but have got a bit samey recently sticking to a more natural palette as I know it suits me and it's easy for every day wear.
Collection Fast Stroke Liquid Eyeliner £2.99, Collection Work The Colour Eyeshadow Palette £3.19, Collection Extreme 24Hour Felt Tip Liner £2.99 (free with the offer).
This palette is the trio 7 very berry, it has two shadows and then a cream to use as a base or highlight.

Next up I found MUA, i've heard such good things about it as it has a huge range of products which are quite young and fresh in the colours they use and just something a bit fun, because that's what make up is all about. I bought quite a few things from this brand as they also had an offer on nail items and the prices or everything dont tend to exceed more than about £3.

So after experimenting with many blushes at home and watching endless beauty videos on youtube I think i've found a pink blush to suit me. I have freckley skin and am quite pale with pink/red undertones so I always thought a pink blush was a no no and have pretty much stuck to just using bronzer but recently have played with using the bronzer for the contour and then a pink shade of blush for the apple of my cheek which I think works so fingers crossed this will be a good buy. I then picked up a liquid concealer just because I find them easier to apply than the ones that come in stick form, got it in a light colour, I think its ivory to use mainly around the eye to hide the ever growing black circles and just to highlight.
I was planning to go to the counter and pay at this point but as I swivelled the stand around all these lip glosses and tints were gleaming at me so I chose a lip tint as I really want to try one of these but so many of the other brands have quite a pricey label with them and this one was very affordable.
MUA Blusher in Shade 1 ( its a peachy/pink colour) £1, MUA Cover & Conceal Concealer in Fair £1.50, MUA Kiss Proof Lip Stain in Kissalicious £3.

Then comes the nail art. I love experimenting with my nails, ive tried loads of polishes and my favourites are Barry M, Topshop and Rimmel ( I'll share these with you in another entry) ive tried decals and stickers in a rainbow print and in leopard print, ive stuck gems on and had 3D bows on them... everything. My nails are really strong and grow quite quickly so I dont use fake nails or acrylics so all my nails stuff I do myself with some things being more successful than others. So when I saw MUA's version of flock for nails I had to pick some up, the velvet nail craze wasnt very long lived but I have been searching eday for nail flock FOREVER! as non of the drugstores seemed to stock it but I have finally found some so cant wait to try it out. The other nail thing I bought was their constellation nails which is basically tiny balls in different colours that you put on with nail varnish and it kind of looks like hundreds and thousands so i'm really excited to try these out.
MUA Fur-Effect Nails: Fluffy Puff (pale pink) £3
MUA Nail Constellation in Libra £3 (these were on offer 2 for £4)

Pulling myself away from the makeup isle I picked up a few of my faves, Garnier face wipes, I love them and get them all the time usually they are on offer like today I got them for half price so I picked up the blue one. As you can see below I have quite a few packs already but you can never have enough and disaster strikes when you run out.

 Garnier Skin Naturals Simply Essential Cleansing Wipes ( £1.49 on offer)

Also picked up my favourite tan ever! Rimmel Instant Tan in Medium as I am super white and in Matte as I dont want to look glittery. Theyve recently released the water resistant one so got that one as it is very annoying when a drink gets spilt and you then have a strange mark on your legs. Such a good look. This way £6.99 and is amazing, i've tried so many fake tans and as far as this one is concerned its the best instant one going.

The last thing I bought was some Samy Fat hair products, they were on offer 2 for £6.99 so thought I'd try some as I find my hair loses all its volume very quickly once I leave the house which is very annoying and these claim to thicken your hair as well as treat it so I shall try these out and let you know how it goes.
I bought Samy Fat Hair '0' Calories Thickening Spray £5.99 and Samy Fat '0' Calories Dry Spray Shampoo with Wheat Protein.

So I hope you have enjoyed my little Superdrug Haul, let me know what you think of the products or if youve tried them and will update you with how I found them soon.

Thanks Guys x


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