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Monday, 11 March 2013

Night-Out: MakeUp Essentials

Hi Guys so today i'm going to kind of do a review and introduce you to some of the core essentials I use when i'm getting ready. On a day to day basis I don't wear masses of makeup and opt for a more natural look unless i've got heaps of time to get ready and have a little experiment. So anyway, saturday night was my auntie's 40th, quite a dressed up occasion with all the family, even my family from Cumbria came down which was so lovely and great to see them all. As well as the make up products i'll give you a bit of info on the outfit I wore as well.

So Firstly, the face!
One product which I only bought a few weeks ago but has quickly became possibly my favourite is my MAC foundation. It's the Studio Fix Fluid which also has an SPF 15 so when the summer eventually gets here it will protect you in addition to making you look lovely. I have a range of brushes from Next that were bought for me last christmas  which are so useful to have especially for  foundation as i find a sponge doesnt give you a full coverage and just pulls the makeup around your face instead of actually covering. Start by pumping the foundation just once of twice onto your hand, I don't put it straight onto my face just because I find it easier to blend as I go. Then using the foundation brush, dab away. Start with the cheeks then the chin, blending into the neck as I go because no one likes a glowing face and then a stark white neck! Just continue to brush on and blend over the rest of the face. This product is really good because you don't need to use that much, I find 2-3 pumps usually does it. I then carry on with the rest of my routine and will talk about a few more products in a moment. I just want to say that I had it on from about 7pm saturday night and didnt get in until about 1am and the night was non stop dancing, kisses and hugs all round and the makeup didnt fade due to this amazing base foundation. I looked pretty much the same when I got home as to when I left. Studio Fix is the way forward!
This is the amazing foundation. It come in this little black box with a screw on top so you have to purchase the pump seperately. The foundation is £20.50 and the pump I think was £3.50. The shade i use is NW15 and find it matches really well. The best thing to do if your interested in buying this is to go to the makeup counter and get them to match the best shade for you, on the website there are 39 different shades so theres something for everyone.

In addition to foundation I do use two other cover up products, one is a Benefit Erase Paste which I have been using for about a month and MUA Cover & Conceal which I only bought last week, featured in my Superdrug Haul but use it practically everyday now.
The Benefit Erase Paste I generally use just for my eye area to cover up dark circles and to generally lift my eye as well as create a base for any shadow I wont to use. I actually use a Next shadow brush to put this one as its small enough to use precisely but still a decent size and soft enough to blend with. I was bought this as a gift in a set but to buy the pot on its own it's £19.50 and comes in three shades, I use Medium but I think if I purchase this product again I would probably opt for fair. This is really good at covering and blemishes and like I said, dark circles because it is quite thick and also means you use the smallest amount and its goes far so should last for ages!
Next up MUA Cover & Conceal Wand, not much to say about this product other than it's amazing! I use it around my eye and blend with a large brush all around my eye and brow and then onto the top of my cheek bones. It's lightens your face and has a flawless finish and is light on the skin which doesn't leave you feeling like you've got loads of make up on. I use this quite generously and also apply it to the nose up to the start of my forehead, my chin and just above my lip. It is alot more fluid that the paste and is more 'liquidy'. This was an absolute baragin and is now one of my staple pieces at £1.50!! so stock up. The shade I use is fair as it's the perfect shade to brighten your face.

Moving on to the last products I just want to tell you about a shadow and a lash set.

Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes. Once again this was a gift I recieved for christmas otherwise I wouldn't of bought it due to its price, £24.50! However, despite the expense the colours in the palette work really well together and the brushes supplied with it are good quality minitures. This is an eye contour kit which supplies you with a concealer and three shadows: (from left to right) a base, contour shadow, liner shadow . If you dont use shadow alot and consider yourself a bit of a novice its does provide you with a little diagram on the back telling you what shade to apply where.These colours give a really natural look which can by worn everyday or for more dressy occasions.

Last but not least, Eylure Naturalites Evening Wear lashes 107. These were on offer buy one get a 2nd half price, I'm only reviewing one set though as I havent worn the others yet. Individually these sell in Boots at £5.35. I found these really easy to use and the glue provided stuck really well and didnt irritate my eye, these are one of the slightly thinner lases so they give a more natural look than some of the others and they are resuable which is another plus.

So I hope you've enjoyed my review of a few of my essentials and will let me know what you think of the products. I'll post a picture of my outfit and where everything is from below.
My dress: River Island, one of my favourite. Bright orange which neckline details, thickish fabric which feels like neoprene so is very flattering and smooths. Shoes: Zara. Jewellery: Dorothy Perkins and Topshop. My sisters dress: jersey midi from Topshop.



  1. oo so excited that you've started your own blog! Already followed on GFC and bloglovin :) You look so gorgeous in that dress and I also love that Benefit eyes kit! xxx

    1. Thanks Meg, its all a bit new so still getting used to the set up and everything. And thanks for the follow :) xxx