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Sunday, 14 April 2013


Hi Guys, so I'm having a pretty huge clear out mainly of clothes and I just wanted to let you know on here what I'm selling incase your interested or know someone who would be. This isn't going to be a regular post it's just that I've got some cute dresses which I've either worn once or never worn and some other bits and bobs. I'll put the links below if you want to have a look, all are up for £5 other than the maxi dress which is £20. They're all photographed on a mannequin so hopefully you can see what they look like on. So yeah, let me know if your interested, all details are on the ebay page.

Thanks :)

Floral/Paisley Maxi Dress
Lemon Print Top
White Lace Dress
Leopard Skater Skirt
Pink Rare Dress
Geometric Print Dress
Purple River Island Dress

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