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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Skirts, Skirts, Skirts!

Hey Guys. Fashion post! So yesterday I finally felt like spring has arrived, I just had on an aztec print cut out tee and some light wash denim look leggings (I hate the word jeggings, urgh!), thinking about it now I could of done an outfit post but I haven't worn makeup since saturday as I've just been sat around reading books to write a horrid essay on. Anyway it has got me in the mood for some shopping which I shall be making time for next weekend but in the mean time a bit of online browsing can hold me until then. I was on Topshop's website, like I am most days to be honest, and have become slightly obsessed with their skirt range at the moment. There's just so many different colours and prints and lengths and textures. Overwhelmed but I love it so I think I may pick up one or two on my next outing out. These are a few that I am so desperately after.
In Love!
1. Organza Flower A-Line Mini Skirt, £38. Its just a cute pale pink skirt with a floral sheer overlay.
2. Organza Floral Hem Skirt, £38. Even though it's black the organza overlay and embroided floral bring it up a bit making it more summery.
3. Grey Marl 1992 Tube Skirt, £22. I love this mainly for the bright yellow 1992 and these tube skirts are really easy to wear.
4. Pink Jaquard Mini Skirt, £34. It's just so summery and it's in that lovely neonish pink.
5. Tapestry Lace Tube Skirt,  £40. I really like the layered skirts with the sheer top layer. I don't normally do lace but this is the exception.
6. Floral Embroided Calf Skirt, £65. It may be the most pricey out of the six but I really like this style of skirt and have one similar that I got in the sale back in September but in an ivory colour and that is possibly my favourite skirt in my wardrobe.

I am now in the mood for summer and just can't wait for it, mainly because it means no uni, but just being warm and the sunshine and being able to wear skirts without tights.
So yeah, hope you've enjoyed.


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