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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Makeup Haul.

Hey Guys so over the last week and a bit I've bought a few beauty and hair products and wanted to share them with you and see if you think these products are any good. I am aware that most of my posts have been beauty related and I do have every intention of doing more fashion posts seeing how I am a fashion student but theres 3 main reasons I've not been buying many clothes recently.
1. I'm trying to be good and save a bit of money as I'm currently saving to book a holiday and I don't tend to buy cheap clothes e.g. H&M and Primark. There's nothing wrong with these brands but being a fashion design student has made me so much more picky with what I like and I buy clothes to invest in and not stuff thats only going to be able to be worn a few times. Also, makeup tends to be cheaper. 2. I'm not really an in between seasons kinda person, everything in the stores at the moment is geared up for spring but I don't know if you've noticed but it's still pretty cold outside so I'm still dressing in my winter clothes pretty much. And I don't like buying clothes that I can't wear straight away. 3. I've just started a work out routine to tone up and stuff so want to wait until I start seeing results from that to buy more clothes.
Anyway with that little explanation over here's my haul. I ordered a few things from Superdrug as well as getting some stuff from the store but the one near me isn't very big so there's not masses in there. I also visited Boots and Holland & Barrett.
Starting with Boots, I went in with the intention of buying Umberto Giannini products and lucky for me it was 3 for 2 so after much deliberation over what volume shampoo and conditioner to buy I decided on these ones, half of my decision was based on the bottles themselves surprisingly. I also picked up the finishing cream because at the moment I'm using one from V05 which is good but I don't feel it actually does anything for my hair. I'm really picky with products like this and have bought so many, used them once and they've just not gone well with my hair and I've never used them again. Individually these are: Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Plump & Sexy Volume Conditioner £5.61, Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Ditch The Dirt Volume Shampoo £5.61, Umberto Giannini Perfect Beauty Finishing Cream £5.61.

I only went in because I was passing by and came out with these two products, I've been looking for an Argan Oil conditioner for a while and that wasn't too pricey. This one by Dr.Organic was £7.99 for a 200ml pot, hopefully I'll have some good results from it. The second are Acai food supplement chews which I keep in my bag most of the time, they are £6.99 for 30 tablets and you take 1-2 3 times a day, I have bought into the Acai thing, I don't know if they actually work but they taste nice.
I forgot to mention I did get a little purchase from ebay, it was 99p for 10 pair of lashes, I'm yet to try them but if they don't work for me then I've only lost 99p. I just liked the shape of them as they don't get longer at the ends as I do find that style sometimes makes my eyes look a bit squinty.
So onto Superdrug, these were just a few things I picked up in store, the usual Rimmel Stay Matte Powder but this time in Silky Beige 005 because they were out of the 004 which I normally use. I also got some face masks, I did get three but I already used the other and can't remember what it was called. These were I think 99p each, I just like to use them every now and again. I picked up the Mud Mask one mainly because they facial scrub I use is similar and I find they really benefit my skin and the other I picked up mainly because it was Tropical Cocktail flavour? scent? I don't know, so I'm guessing it will just smell really nice when it's on.

Last but not least was my online Superdrug purchases. It was free shipping so thought I might as well make the most of it and got three lipsticks and a nail varnish. The nail varnish was £1 from MUA and is in the shade Frozen Yogurt, it's just a slightly darker lilac colour. I then got a Miss Sporty Perfect Colour Lipstick in Innocence £2.59 (top/left swatch) it's just a nice soft pink colour which I'm planning to wear as more of a day lipstick. It also smells amazing, I think it's watermelon! The next one (middle swatch) is FashionistA Double Take Long Wear Lipstick in Natural Pink £5. Again this is a soft day colour which will be perfect in the summer. And lastly (bottom/right swatch) Barry M Lipstick in Palest Lavender £4.49, I've been after a purple lipstick like this forever! I have bought a few purple ones but they still have that pinkish tinge to them where as this one, as the name says, is much more lilac than anything else and I can't wait to try this one out.

Hope you've enjoyed the post, let me know what you think.

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  1. lovely haul! I adore the stay matte powder and all those lipsticks look lovely :) xxx