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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Billion Dollar Brows

Hey Guys, so today I got my brows done. This was the first time I've gone to a salon to have anything like this done. Normally with my eyebrows I just tweeze and I fill them in myself but recently they have been looking a bit weird and somehow one has ended up more rounded and the other more angled so I just decided to treat myself. My eyebrows are the one thing I can't leave the house without doing. I think there is such an improvement and I'm really happy with them so thought I'd share my wonderful brow experience with you.
There are two main types of brow treatments out there at the moment: HD and BDB. I did do my research and looked into both and they are basically the same thing just by two different companies. I only made my decision to go with BDB because a recommended salon near me uses that brand.
The treatment took about 45 minutes and I did have a tint with mine just because I used to have darker eyebrows that matched my hair (my hair is pretty much its natural colour now) but I think the sun got to them over the summer and they just never darkened down again. I do feel that I look like I have no eyebrows without putting make up on them if that makes sense. But yeah so I went and had it done, after the tint they then proceed to shape them via waxing and tweezing. I think they do also thread at some salons but the process does vary due to the brow. To shape them they do measure part s of your face and your brows to make sure they are the same shape, height, width etc ( I had one slightly higher than the other)
After that they sooth the area and go on to the make up side of things. Using the BDB products they highlight around the brow and use powder to fill them in as tis bonds to the hair and the skin unlike pencil where you basically just draw on your face. The powders do give a softer and more natural look but if you like a bold brow like me you can just apply a bit more. And then they're done. I have posted before and after photos underneath, the after photo is with makeup but my eyebrows have been tinted to the same colour.

I would really recommend the Billion Dollar Brows to anyone, I got mine done at Julie Gamble in Sittingbourne, a girl called Charlotte does them there and she is lovely so if your near I would definately suggest getting them done there but the service should be the same pretty much anywhere you go.
I'll post a few links below for you to have a look at, it really is worth the pennies. the tint lasts about 4 weeks and you can either just top up with a wax when you need it or have the whole treatment done again in 3-5 weeks.

Well I hope you've enjoyed the post and let me know what you think.



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